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Events & Entertainment

Scaffold structures consolidation for both outdoor as well as indoor events is a work of art from Absolute Stage Structures Scaffolding. We possess the reserve to take your design concepts from blueprint to actuality, administering all aspects starting from design and engineering till successful installation. Our custom-made projects have graced several locations across the UAE. We constantly deliver premium quality Scaffolds for events and exhibitions and are experts in installation of an extensive range of provisional structures and additional support services through different operational divisions. The well-timed supply and installation of proper scaffoldings on site by our engineering team helps our clients to save revenue and their valuable time. The state-of-the-art scaffoldings and our premium services have made us Numero Uno in the industry. All our assignments of exhibitions and events are well assisted by engineering depictions and structural calculations for error free installations. ASS Scaffolding Contracting possess a separate dedicated division exclusively focused on event and exhibition scaffolding installations.

Stage & Backdrops

In-house structure modeling gives us the advantage of creating the stage and backdrop as per your requirements.

We Provide:

  • Customized Stage
  • Customized Backdrop
  • Catwalks Stage
  • Concerts Stages
  • Festival Stages
  • Dance Floor Stages and more

Grandstand / Temporary Seating

Using our ground leveling platforms, we are also able to construct seating on various surfaces, ideal for sporting events and outdoor shows.

We Provide:

  • Stadium Seating
  • Grandstand Arena Seating
  • Raised Platform Seating
  • Bleecher Seating

Scaffolding Towers

Scaffold structures consolidation for both outdoor as well as indoor events.Our Scaffolding Specialist ensures all scaffolding plans are conducted in a safe manner in compliance with international standards and code of practices.

We Provide:

  • Camera Tower
  • Mobile Tower
  • Screen Support
  • Scaffolding Signage Tower
  • Scaffolding Light Tower
  • FOH Tower

Archways Structures

Versatile and attention-grabbing, another way to add details to your special event! We can create any size and dimension archway structure as per your requirement.

We Provide:

  • Entrance Archway
  • Start & Finish Arch
  • Arch Tunnels

Crowd Control

Effective crowd managements about managing expected and unexpected crowd occurrences.

We Provide:

  • Police Barriers
  • Mojo Barricades
  • Heras Fencing
  • Scaffold Fencing
  • Barasti Fencing
  • Picket Fencing

Mesh - Netting

A method of covering the expose areas of the build structures, which also helps to gives a pleasant look to the venue.

We Provide:

  • Netting for Scaffolding Tower
  • Netting for Fencing
  • Netting for Stage Skirting
  • Netting for Scaffolding Wall
  • We have variety of sizes of Netting - 2m W, 3m W, 4m W & 6m W

Temporary Flooring

If you are planning a wedding, Parties, Celebrations, Sports, and many more or other types of Events, you may be looking for temporary flooring. Or, perhaps you are doing some construction or planning an event with tremendous foot traffic and utility vehicle weight, we can help you with Temporary Flooring for grass and sand surface.

We Provide:

  • Heavy-duty Matt Flooring
  • Light-duty Flooring


To assign an area for a specific task in your venue or event, a raised platform is the best way to interact with the audience.

We Provide:

  • VIP Platforms
  • Raised Platforms
  • Platform for Boxing Ring
  • Entertainment Platforms
  • Dance Floor

Pool Stage

It's a perfect way to utilize your pool space for your events, whether it's just a casual hangout or a special occasion. Our pool stage can help you to consume all of your venue space as per your requirement. With every safety precaution.

We Provide:

  • Any size and dimension pool stage coverage


Outdoor event tents are a great way to offer shade and shelter from the sun when hosting an outdoor event. We can provide Indoor and Outdoor tent as per your event requirement.

We Provide:

  • 3m X 3m Tent
  • 5m X 5m Tent
  • Majlis Tent
  • Air Condition Tent& more


Carpets aren´t only for celebrity events, but they are being more widely used in private and commercial events as well.

We Provide:

  • Exhibition Carpets
  • Delta Carpets
  • Galaxy Carpets
  • Leoline

In vast variety of colors