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ABSOLUTE STAGE STRUCUTURES are Specialized in Scaffolding Contract & Event Structural Work

Absolute Stage Structures offers end to-end solutions for Staging and Grandstand Seating to Large Scale structures, Scaffolding Towers to Lighting Towers, from Delay Towers to Archways, Pagoda Tents, Heavy & Light Duty Flooring, Police Barricades, Mojo Barricades, Heras Fence, Shade Netting, VIP Platforms, Platform for Tents & many more.

Our services cover all over UAE & Saudi Arabia, our professional consultants bring years of experience, an inspired and refined sense of style.

Our Services

Events & Entertainment

We can tailor all kinds of structures, staging, and fencing for Public & Private Events, concerts, and festivals. Indoors and outdoors

Stage & Backdrops

Stage and backdrop for all size of events- Indoors & Outdoors

Grandstand / Temporary Seating

Seating plan that accommodates your guests in all types of events, we can supply any style of seating for indoor and outdoor events. Grandstand arena seats, raised Platform and many more.

Scaffolding Towers

The best option for display, branding, guiding, and informing your audience about the event theme or directions. we can build any size and model as per your design.

Archways Structures

Arches attracts a lot of attention to any marathon, triathlon, run or event.

Crowd Control

Crowd management is an essential factor in any event. Crowd control barriers are the smart and rapidly installed perimeter protection solution for all types of events.

Mesh - Netting

Ideal to cover and delineate your event, it helps to cover all expose areas on the work site and gives a pleasant look to the venue.

Temporary Flooring

Temporary flooring is the smart choice for all your special events, widely used for weddings, Events, Parties, Celebrations, Sports, and many more. For Grass and Sand surface


Platforms are highly versatile and can be made in any size or shape. They are often used to provide varying levels, to make a show more visually attractive. it can serve all sorts of events.

Pool Stage

It's a perfect way to utilize your pool space for your events, whether it's just a casual hangout or a special occasion. Our pool stage can help you to consume all of your venue space as per your requirement. With every safety precaution.


The organized way to beat the heat is to add those shades in your event venue, we can provide all sizes of tents & seating for your Weddings, Events, Parties, Celebrations, Sports, Green room etc.


To enhance the look and feel of your theme in any event venue, add carpet flooring. This can be used for exhibitions, gala evenings, stages, ramps, etc.

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Absolute Stage Structures Scaffolding Contracting is motivated by the presence of a dynamic and professional squad of reliable and experienced scaffolding workforce. They are inducted to this profession after providing professional on the job and off job trainings which gives them real proficiency in all the domains of scaffolding responsibilities.